August 20, 2019
Here at ATA, we’ve been contemplating for a while now on whether “our side of the story” be made public for everyone to see, to read, and to essentially comment on. While the initial thought of “battling back” seemed petty and childish, we now feel that we owe it to ourselves and our brand to address the statements and comments of our former Ring Roamer partner, Danny Brewer.

For most of those who don’t know, the Ring Roamer partnership between Danny and ATA started off with just a request from Danny. Hey, I just got divorce I need to make money. Can you help? Can you put a handle on the Helio head so I can walk around with it? Instead of taking that easy route, we took that concept of a roaming booth and created the ring roamer as we know it today. ATA not only created the design, but manufactured it as well. Eventually, this led to a 50-50 partnership between ATA and Danny with the agreement that after the costs of the ring roamer were paid for, the profit would be split between the two parties. This came with the expectation that ATA be a silent white-labeled manufacturer that ships out orders and Danny would essentially be the face of Ring Roamer and handle all customer aspects of the business.

Let’s fast forward to almost three years after our partnership started. Instead of being a white-labeled manufacturer, Danny has on more than one occasion shifted blame to their manufacturer, ATA. While we do take responsibility for certain issues, we also have to comment on the fact that multiple changes have been made to the ring roamer since its inception to compensate for the ever-changing requirements of the iPad. From charging requirements and device size changes to customer requests, we try to accommodate these changes into the design of the ring roamer. Do we catch all the problems during manufacturing? Of course not. But do we do our part in sending out replacement parts? Of course we do. As the manufacturer, we supply the necessary products and replacement parts – that’s our job. But, as the manufacturer, our job is not to personally walk customers through the process. When we purchase any type of electronic device, let’s say an iPhone – does the manufacturer walk us through any troubleshooting? Of course not, Apple customer support does. It’s the same with the booths we manufacture. Does the production and factory team walk our customers through? Of course not, it’s our customer support team that does. The same should go with Ring Roamer, ATA supplies the hardware and Danny provides the support.

The final thing we wanted to address of course is money. From a professional standpoint, we feel that discussing money or income should not be discussed or put out in public. However, since Danny brought up the point that he doesn’t pay his bills and the reason why he doesn’t pay his bills is because he’s unhappy with us, we feel that it’s now become necessary to address this as well. The bottom line is, Danny stole from us. Not paying for items that have been sent is essentially stealing and that’s what happened here. After racking up over $35,000 in unpaid roamers, we decided that enough was enough. We seized sending out new roamers and replacement parts. While our intent was not to penalize paying customers, we realize that’s exactly what had happened and we are truly sorry for that. What disappoints us is that Danny didn’t take into consideration that these are his paying customers. From a business sense though, is it wrong that we finally refused to fulfill these orders? Would ATA have to be one to get nothing? Is it fair that ATA was essentially buying raw parts, manufacturing, paying labor, paying shipping, paying overhead and get nothing? As business owners, you must agree that we can’t work for nothing. But for a while that’s what we’ve been doing - supplying but not getting payments in return.

What’s even more disappointing is in addition to the unpaid cost of roamers, until this day ATA has not received its share of ring roamer profits (apart from a single $5000 payment) that were originally supposed to split between ATA and Danny. In full transparency, this amounts to ATA’s share of $83,000 after 25% is allocated to sales and marketing expenses. That’s over $115,000 due to ATA, which Danny cannot fulfill. Sadly, the final demise of our partnership was due to money.

To our valued customers, we want to do right by you and assure that you get the customer support that you deserve. Please know that we are prepared to service you as best as we can. We’d like to apologize in advance for any delayed responses as we work together to put together the pieces that Danny left behind. For immediate help, you can join our Ring Roamer Customer Support Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1164021767141097/ Thank you all for your support and continued business.

Our customers can be assured that we will do anything in our power to keep the quality and customers support as our main priority!

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Marlon Andres
CEO, ATA Photobooths