Weighs just over 3 lbs

No Muscles Needed

When the party gets going... so do you

Get Out Of The Corner

The Newest Craze In Photo Booths

Ever felt left out of a party?  Are you a photo boother looking for something new to add to your booth options?  Are you a DJ looking to add a little Pizzazz to the dance floor?  

Well, then the Ring Roamer Is perfect for you! Invented by ATA Photobooths and Manufactured by ATA Photobooths the leading Photo Booth Manufacturer in the US, the Ring Roamer is a 3 lb. unit made to Roam the party!
Perfect for any type of event who already has photo booths, or new event types like festivals, sporting events and bar crawls.




Get Out Of The Corner

When the party gets going... so do you - follow the party to the dance floor, to the bar - anywhere the guests are - so are you!

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