More Ways To Make Money With The Ring Roamer

Ring Roamer 101

It's All In The Details...
The Ring Roamer is a 3lbs Mobile Photo Unit. It was not designed to be on a tripod or a monopod - it was designed to be "in" the party, be "on" the dance floor, be "in" the crowds! But if you want to mount on stand - We offer that too!

If you think running a photo booth is fun and interactive, wait until you Roam a party! You will get people chasing you down, people will form lines on the dance floor or at a concert. It's a whole new experience.

And one last note...

The Ring Roamer DOES NOT use a NEWER Ring Light. The Ring Roamer is custom built - and you can't buy any of the parts at your local Home Depot

Event Types To Roam!
​Sporting Events: Football Games, Baseball Games, Soccer Games - talk to their marketing and sales staff to offer Photo Sponsorship with your Ring Roamer.
Concerts and Festivals: Work with Radio Stations, concert promoters, Festival
Organizers: get them to provide sponsors or line up one on your own.
School Functions: Fall Festivals, Spring Flings, Homecoming and Proms, Sadie Hawkins dances, Fundraisers.
Corporate Events: Holiday Parties, Grand Openings, Company Picnics.
​Private Events: Birthday Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, Reunions etc. Lots of opportunities!
Making Money
How Much Can I Charge?
We are proud to say we are booking the Ring Roamer at the same price as Photo Booths.
It's Absolutely Fun!
Get out of the Corner!
When you are working a typical photo booth, many times when the party gets do the guests. But with the Ring Roamer, you can follow the party!. You can hit the dance floor and capture great photos and share instantly.